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The Acting Workshop System of the Hispanic Acting Society ( AWS-SAH) is not only one of the most complete and competitive systems, but is also the biggest one in the nation, with sections in Chicago, Orlando, Naples, Houston, and Miami. This system has a group of internationally recognized and well-respected professors. Among them we have our Director; Miguel Sahid, who in 2013 was selected along with the other 42 in the world to receive the Federico Garcia Lorca Award, given by the King and Queen of Spain in the city of Granada.




Fundador de la Sociedad Actoral Hispanoamericana

  • Miguel Sahid is an Actor and Director graduated from the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in Puerto Rico and completed the acting program for Film and TV at the New York Film Academy. Miguel Sahid has studied different methods and acting techniques around the world, among them the most interesting ones are the Growtoskian methods with Roberta Carreri from the Odin Theater in Denmark and the Tadashi Susuki method in Thailand.

  • This charming and charismatic Puerto Rican actor and director began at the stage since he was seven years old and he has not gotten away from them but to make movies and television, who because of his vision and talent; he has managed to obtain main characters in more than 60 theatrical works, 25 film films and 14 telenovelas and television series.
    Recently Sahid, we saw him in the program “Reality Show: Protagonistas de Novela” where he excelled for his work as Coach of Performance of this important program of the Univision network.

  • Continually Miguel Sahid demonstrates his acting versatility obtaining characters of great challenge and histriónica capacity as it is the Character of Marco Antonio in Cleopatra to be released at the end of this year.

  • Apart from being an acting teacher in different universities and colleges, Sahid runs one of the most vibrant organizations of actors in the US, the Hispanoamerican Actoral Society (SAH). An organization made up of Actors, Directors and Producers that seeks to create a workshop for the actor.

  • His mastery of dance and singing led him to make Broadway musicals in “Annie and” West Side Story “where he obtained excellent reviews of the demanding press that covers this medium.

  • Miguel, has been chosen among a select group of 40 actors and poets in the World to receive one of the highest distinctions that a Spanish-speaking actor could receive; Nomination for the Federico García International Prize. Distinction made by the Kings of Spain through the town hall of Granada in Spain. Sahid’s passion for the text of the Granada poet has no end. “Romancero Gitano” is the character that helped him emerge as one of the most important actors in Theater and selected by the local Miami Press as “One of the best Three actors in the tables for 2010”.

  • With the great energy that characterizes him, Sahid has directed more than 30 theatrical plays, movies and TV shows. For the past 8 years uninterrupted Sahid has had several nominations as Best Director of the Year 2011-2016 for his films go hand in hand with theatrical releases throughout the United States as it has been with his character “Juan” in ” Yerma “and” Argán “in” El Enfermo Imaginario “by Moliere,” Hamlet “by Shakespeare.

  • In Television he also demonstrated his versatility as a TV presenter in his “Flash TV” space where he was able to interview influential Hollywood actors. The telenovelas are nothing new for Sahid since his first novel was when he was a teenager in his native Puerto Rico with “Señora Tentación” and among the most recent are “El Fantasma de Elena” “Mas sabe el Diablo” and “El cuerpo del I wish “to mention a few.

  • We are definitely facing one of the most influential actors and directors of the Hispanic Media

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Actor, director y profesor

  • Andrés Mejía, recently graduated in psychology from the MDC, studied theater at the University of Santiago de Cali in his native Colombia. He started his acting career at a very young age participating in all the Dramatized Works of his School.

  • In 2005 he traveled to the United States where he quickly became involved in Telemundo Productions, recording his first telenovela “Dame Chocolate”.

  • Since then he has participated in more than 15 Productions in the most important Hispanic Channels of the United States and in the Venezuelan Chain “Venevisión”.


  • In 2008 he had the opportunity to venture into the Cinematographic World participating in his first English film “Choices”.

  • As of that moment, he has recorded more than 5 Short Films and several Independent Films. It is worth mentioning that his main passion is the Theater, where he has had the opportunity to act and direct Works of great Authors of Universal Literature.

  • Andrés has more than 15 years of experience as an actor and almost 10 years as a Theater Professor, which makes him one of the youngest and multidisciplinary professionals in Miami.

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